B&R Enclosures Prepares for Growth

Rapid and consistent growth, coupled with a lack of system-facilitated warehouse management and Supply Chain optimisation capabilities, led to existing warehouse facilities becoming over-stretched for Australia’s largest manufacturer of electrical enclosures, B&R Enclosures.

“Warehouse and distribution efficiency was getting very difficult to maintain,” says B&R Enclosures Manufacturing & Operations manager Brad Eckert.

“But moving from an entirely manual system to a comprehensive software solution was obviously a big step for us.”

“Rather than invest in a new distribution centre to give us additional floor space to support the anticipated expansion of our business, we calculated that the increased efficiency we would gain by introducing narrow aisles and a powerful Supply Chain optimisation solution.”

“Our calculations revealed this would enable us to better manage the space we have now – increasing the distribution capacity of the existing facility and at the same time bringing discipline and simplicity to our operational processes,” Eckert says.

B&R Enclosures therefore selected Manhattan ILS™: Integrated Logistics Solutions, built on Microsoft.NET, to run its six distribution facilities across Australia.

Manhattan ILS will complement B&R’s existing IT systems, equipping warehouse staff with unique Supply Chain optimisation capabilities that are not provided via the standard Supply Chain modules of leading ERP and manufacturing software systems.

“Manhattan ILS provides us with best practice functionality and can scale with us as we grow,” Eckert says.

“The familiar look and feel of the system — which echoes the Microsoft Windows® environment — also was a key factor, as it will make it easier to train our staff who do not have prior experience working with technology in the warehouse.”

B&R requires a proven, robust and scalable Supply Chain solution that allows it to introduce industry best practice to its picking operations and product tracking processes, as well as provide business flexibility and seamless integration into existing systems.

“Our track record of enabling growth with similar sized businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industry helped set us apart from other solution providers,” says Chris Stephenson, Managing Director, ANZ, Manhattan Associates.

“We look forward to helping B&R Enclosures exceed its future growth targets and surpass its customers’ expectations.”

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