CAT is out of the bag

United Equipment announced today that as part of company vision to be the number one choice in material handling & access equipment in Australia, the Caterpillar range of forklifts will be added to its stable of world leading brands.

The management of United has been working towards establishing the business nationally, both in geographic location and product offering, in order to fulfill this vision.

As part of this strategic development, United have also relinquished the exclusive dealer agreement with Nissan to enable them to have a broader product offering giving a greater range of choice for their customers.

David Maxwell, Director / CEO, says United will continue to support, service & hire all equipment currently supported by United including both core and non-core products.

“Nothing has changed!” he assures customers.

United is well positioned to service the needs of both local and nationally based customers and will continue to expand its operations in the near future.

The range of products that United will now be able to offer throughout Australia includes:

  • Forklifts: Caterpillar forklifts / Nichiyu forklifts / Dalian forklifts
  • Container Handlers: Konecrane SMV forklifts Access Equipment JLG access equipment range
  • Telehandlers: JLG telehandlers

“United Equipment is unique in the industry because of the diverse products & services it has to offer to its customers,” David Maxwell says.

“United is well placed to work with customers giving them a range of choices.”

“This will ensure the right solution is found for each business to operate in the most effective and efficient way possible.”

If you need any clarification please do not hesitate to contact David Maxwell, CEO on (08) 9453 8999.

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