New WMS to standardise supply chain processes

Optimisation company RedPrairie has released a new supply chain management tool, which integrates asset tracking capabilities into its warehouse management system.

The amalgamation is part of the enhancements featured within the company’s new supply chain execution suite, which was designed to standardise supply chain processes.

“Integrated visibility and control over the movement of inventory and assets across today’s complex global supply networks can be slow, costly, and very challenging. In the past, inventory and the assets used to ship them were tracked in two separate systems, which made closed-loop tracking of assets very difficult,” said Tom Kozenski, the company’s vice president product strategy.

“With the new release, customers can manage this combined movement through a single process, driving greater efficiency, improved visibility and stronger control over supply chain operations.”

The system supports the use of RFID, 2-D barcodes and other AIDC technologies to track inventory and assets within and outside the distribution centre, including a retailer’s store network. Both serialised and non-serialised assets can be tracked at each location.

ARC Advisory Group research director Steve Banker said being able to manage inventory and assets in a single system would provide inherent efficiencies.

“There are significant costs tied up in reusable assets used in distribution operations. It makes sense to track these along with the inventory they transport for a complete view of the supply chain in motion,” Mr Banker said.


For additional information on the new release of RedPrairie’s E2e™ Supply Chain Execution suite, call +91 80 2649 4052, or + 61-2-8923 6272 or +86 21 5230 2711 or access

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