New Fieldbus capability

Materials handling specialist, Industrial Conveying Australia Pty Ltd, has advanced its capability for turnkey solutions by adding new, decentralised control technology in customised solutions.

Decentralised control maximises potential of materials handling solutions in all industries ranging from food production, freight handling, manufacturing and general processing.

It raises the ‘speed to market’ effect of its projects – and the company considers this a deciding factor when its clients make decisions regarding the purchase of new equipment.

By using decentralised control, Industrial Conveying is able to quickly execute projects with greater flexibility using various fieldbus networks and vendor specific solutions.

This also allows for add-on equipment to be installed at a later date.

Solutions are designed to the point where all field items, including safety, are local to the field machinery. Decentralised design translates into modules of equipment and/or complete projects being workshop tested with all control elements at the company’s manufacturing site.

By combining the electrical design with the mechanical design and manufacturing process, equipment design is enhanced and complete turnaround time of equipment is vastly reduced.

Final delivery and installation time at the client premises is also greatly reduced as electrical installation begins with mechanical installation.

Decentralised fieldbus installations also have the advantage of reduced field cabling needs.

The advantage of this is final commissioning of the system can be achieved only a couple of days after mechanical installation.

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