Axxom simulates distribution scenarios for McDonald’s

Since the beginning of 2008, logistics service provider WLS has been using ORion-PI® Value Network Optimisation from Munich-based Axxom Software AG, to analyse, simulate and evaluate distribution scenarios for McDonald’s in Germany.

The solution calculates the ideal number and location of distribution centers and allows for the modelling and comparison of alternative logistics scenarios.

Using the ORion-PI® optimisation technology, Axxom identifies the maximum potential and illustrates the effects of the existing restrictions in several simulations.

The software considers specific constraints — such as transportation times, the range of products and the composition of the truck fleet.

An expanded range of products at McDonald’s, Germany and Luxembourg prompted a complete revision of the distribution structure.

An increased number of fresh products with short best before dates and an accordingly high delivery frequency brought WLS to systematically analyse the effects on the distribution set-up throughout Germany.

Hans-Dieter Hojnacki, Managing Director Operations at WLS, expects a long-term advantage from the interaction of optimisation and simulation.

“We are now in the position to calculate new distribution scenarios considering changing framework requirements at any time,” Hojnacki says.

“The simulation of different distribution scenarios with ORion-PI® provides us a well-founded basis for decision-making for our strategic planning.” (

About WLS

WLS GmbH (Ltd.) is a subsidiary of the Alpha Group, Lead Logistics Provider operating in 32 European countries.

It is the exclusive logistics service provider for McDonald’s in Germany.

From its headquarters in Duisburg-Rheinhausen and five other distribution centers, WLS supplies more than 1,250 McDonald’s restaurants in Germany and Luxembourg.

In 2007, WLS GmbH reported a total turnover of 812 million Euro.

In total the Alpha Group Europe holds 43 distribution and service companies and has a staff of more than 4,000.

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