Lean Thinking the Unipart Way

Unipart is an innovative logistics provider, utilising lean as a methodology for adding value to its customers in a wide number of sectors, including automotive, consumer, technology, aerospace, defence, leisure and rail.

A pioneer of Lean Thinking, Professor Dan Jones describes Unimark’s implementation as “an excellent example of the application of Lean in world-wide parts distribution”.

Lisa Danok, Director & General Manager for the Australian operation, will provide an insight into Unipart’s 20 year Lean Journey and outline some key learning lessons for anyone embarking on a Lean implementation.

The Unipart Way is a philosophy of continuous improvement focused on driving the company to achieve world class standards of quality, delivery and customer service.

The company has developed a range of tools and techniques to create continuous improvements within the organisation.

This encompasses creative problem solving processes, standard work and visual management techniques at grass roots level to policy deployment techniques which ensure that any activity within the company is directed at and aligned with strategy and objectives.

Lisa Danok is Director & General Manager for the Unipart Logistics operation in Australia.

She will describe Unipart’s experiences in implementing Lean, including:

  • An integrated approach of people, process and systems
  • People engagement
  • Key Tools and Techniques
  • Pre-requisites and
  • Learning Lessons

Lisa Danok has an MBA in International Management and has over 18 years multi-national experience in supply chain and logistics across the UK, Japan and Australia.

Danok has been involved in Lean implementations since 1989 and is also Chairman of a Sydney-based not-for-profit, self help group for companies on a Lean journey, the Lean Network.

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June 11


Venue: NSW Department of State and Regional Development

Level 2, 470 Church Street, North Parramatta, 2150

Contact: 02 9891 1411.

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