Supply Chain Consulting Joins the Front Lines

Australian based enterprise and environmental software solutions and services provider Supply Chain Consulting has been selected by EDS as a key component for the UK Ministry of Defence’s new Management of Materiel in Transit (MMiT) project.

The MMiT project is designed to improve the management, planning and tracking of essential supplies and equipment from the UK to the MoD’s deployed operations around the world.

Recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have highlighted the importance of visibility of vital equipment within the supply chain.

By using Supply Chain Consulting’s Viewlocity CTP product, front-line units across the Royal Navy, the Army and Royal Air Force will be able to view and track essential items as they move from the depot to the receiving unit, providing an assurance of timely delivery of these parts and supplies.

“Supply Chain Consulting is pleased to have had its Viewlocity CTP product chosen to provide the supply chain visibility backbone for the MMiT project,” says Fadi Geha, Executive Vice President of Viewlocity for Supply Chain Consulting.

“This will enable the MoD to provide what is needed, when it is needed, to our armed forces in the field. We are proud to be associated with this project.”

“Our participation in the MMiT project demonstrates the continued successes we’re achieving globally with our Viewlocity platform.”

“By having the tools to monitor all levels of the supply chain at all times, customers and partners can implement end-to-end solutions that increases the agility of their extended supply chains,” says Tony Carr, CEO of Supply Chain Consulting.

Supply Chain Consulting’s Viewlocity™ software suite is a market-leading supply chain visibility and extended supply chain process monitoring platform and a set of optimisation products covering supply chain design, production planning and inbound logistics.

The Viewlocity software suite helps customers to plan, sense, monitor and respond to events that occur across the supply chain.

The MMiT project contract was won by EDS, and includes software from both Supply Chain Consulting and SAS.

It is expected to be completed by mid 2009.

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