DHL Goes Live with Quintiq

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions provider Quintiq will help strengthen DHL’s Express pick-up and delivery services across Asia Pacific by completing the installation of its Parcel and Express Planning Solution at DHL Express Singapore.

Quintiq APS will ultimately provide all DHL Express operations throughout Asia-Pacific with highly flexible, customised advanced planning and scheduling capabilities for its courier dispatching processes.

DHL can thereby further improve its customer service quality and also reduce its carbon footprint.

Initially focusing on utilising the Quintiq solution for parcel pick up, it will integrate delivery functions in the coming months.

Development of the Quintiq solution for DHL Express in Malaysia is now underway, with implementation expected to be completed during Q2, 2008.

India, China, Hong Kong, Australia and other countries in the region are scheduled to go live through the rest of the year and early 2009.

In the implementation phase, the Quintiq solution has already proven effective at enabling the company to improve dispatch performance.

“The kind of improvement that we have already seen in dispatching efficiency is a direct result of the increased visibility and automation provided by the Quintiq solution,” says Oliver Facey, VP Operations Programs Asia Pacific at DHL Express.

“Although the solution has only just gone live, we are very pleased and encouraged by these preliminary results.”

“We expect that these and other efficiencies gained over the short and long term will enable DHL Express to sustain efficient operations, lighten the workload of our planners and improve their productivity.”

“Quintiq has shown capable of delivering highly reliable planning support for the Asia Pacific region, with close collaboration with our internal IT and Business groups,” he says.

The Quintiq solution implementation project at DHL Express Singapore can be considered highly successful on many fronts: the positive preliminary results; the speed of the project, which took just a little over six months; and the relative ease with which the Quintiq solution was integrated with DHL Express Singapore’s existing management applications.

Victor Allis, CEO at Quintiq says the complexity of the technical environment at DHL Express Singapore presented Quintiq with a significant challenge.

“Because our solution is open and highly flexible, we were able to easily integrate Quintiq with all necessary existing systems, configure the solution to support the great number of data feeds in and out, and work with the long-distance data communication lines that links DHL Express Singapore with its far-flung market,” Allis says.

The Singapore and wider Asia-Pacific project echoes a similar, on-going implementation of the Quintiq solution for DHL Express in Europe.

It is part of a global contract that allows DHL to use Quintiq’s advanced planning and scheduling solutions across the globe.

“This coverage will effectively establish Quintiq as the worldwide standard for advanced planning and scheduling of dispatch services.” Allis says.

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