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3Logix Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian owned compa­ny has been developing solutions for the trans­port and logistics industries for over 15 years.

The company has contin­ued to expand and improve its offerings to the extent that its solu­tions are essential to many compa­nies involved in services, transport, logistics and field workforce.

A strong corporate citizen, 3Logix has chosen to sponsor the Logistics Mercury Awards to highlight the great need to value the recruitment, retention, participation and recog­nition of young logistics and sup­ply chain employees.

Along with human resources, 3Logix believes concern for our environment is now a reality of life.

Community concern has shifted from appreciation of our natural resources to desperation to protect these treasured assets.

The responsibility of caring for our environment is being shoul­dered largely by industry in the face of increasing pressure from community, social networks and government.

Various industries are being placed under increasing pressure to respond. After the ener­gy industry, obvious targets are transport, distribution, logistics and services industries.

Some responses to these pres­sures have come in the form of car­bon tax systems, increased focus on recycling and identifying effi­ciencies in order to reduce resource consumption, while maintaining expected levels of service delivery, lifestyle and comfort.

Indeed, feder­al, state and local government are increasingly enforcing regulations and standards to increase safety, recycling, and improve efficiencies.

While there is increased scrutiny on business operations, the ability to implement improved operational systems has been out of reach or too complex for many organisa­tions attempt.

3Logix is one Australian compa­ny has been putting highly sophis­ticated workforce management and logistics systems within the reach of organisations wishing to imple­ment such efficiencies.

The logistics and transport industries have always been at the forefront of design and adoption of technology based tools for service improvement and cost reduction.

Service industries are quick to adopt (and adapt) the tools deployed by the transport industry as the benefits are quickly realised.

Some of these technologies include GPS systems, navigation devices, in-vehicle terminals, portable hand-held computing devices, RFID readers and tags, bar coding technologies and other such peripherals.

Then add communica­tion technologies including radio, GPRS, VOIP and mobile phones.

The use of these technologies is being widely adopted by a number of vertical industries and has led to numerous benefits including improved operational efficiency, increased employee and community safety, reduction in the use of resources, reduction in wastage and reduction in emissions.

As technology advances take place, there has been an unprece­dented level of convergence of tech­nologies.

Most of the leading hard­ware suppliers have released prod­ucts with integrated technical plat­forms that include most of the aforementioned technologies. Leading software providers are in a position to capitalise on the new generation of products by developing applications that use the full functionality of these devices.

In late 2007, 3Logix embarked on an ambitious program with Vodafone Australia to provide a turn-key application using the full functionality of the Blackberry handset.

This program enables the user of the Blackberry 8310 to access a full range of business products, sup­ported by web based systems for up-to-the-minute reporting and daily business tasks.

End users have access to the usual phone communications, mes­saging, emails, multimedia applica­tions, business tools and function­ality we’ve come to expect from a handset.

Through the joint program with Vodafone, companies and users now also have access to Satellite Navigation, GPS Tracking, Job Messaging and Reporting Tools and a host of business applica­tions.

What impact does this have in a global sense?

Put simply, combining all the required business applications and communication tools into a conven­ient device and makes them instantly accessible to organisa­tions of all sizes.

Leading suppliers such as Intermec, Datalogic and Motorola (Symbol) have also released portable hand-held computers with equal capabilities.

But the key to managing a successful and socially responsible program for workforce management rests with the soft­ware provider building the enabling applications.

Lyndell McInerney, Chief Executive of leading solutions provider 3Logix has maintained a philosophy of looking outside the square when developing applica­tions for clients.

3Logix’ awareness of the impact of workforce mobility systems on the environment is evident in the comprehensive development and integration capabilities of their systems.

“3Logix is aware that the use of mobile based communica­tions and technologies on the next generation of devices has a signifi­cant impact on the use of resources,” McInerney says.

“By seamlessly exchanging and communicating data from field devices with business systems in real time, we can almost eliminate the use of paper entirely.”

3Logix systems enable business­es to import jobs into their compre­hensive web-based dispatch and messaging system.

Information from field personnel is sent in real time and linked to GPS data before being exchanged with businesses host or enterprise systems.

3Logix has also pioneered the provision of its applications through a hosted model, recognis­ing that many organisations wish to develop their own strengths rather than being distracted by becoming IT experts.

“Interfacing with back office sys­tems and providing workforce transparency, our technology plat­forms deliver a complete and seam­less solution that enhances visibili­ty and performance of your mobile assets,” McInerney says.

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