New platform for service-oriented architecture (SOA)

RedPrairie has released the E²e business process platform to orchestrate cross-application business processes. Built on SOA standards and web services technologies, the platform enables a common point of integration for all RedPrairie and third-party applications.

“One of the greatest challenges facing companies today is the ability to manage business processes end-to-end, from the retail shelf to the manufacturing floor,” said Mike Mayoras, CEO of RedPrairie. “What is particularly noteworthy about the E²e business process platform is its ability to manage previously disjointed processes like new product launches, product recalls, and store promotions in a streamlined way. This platform orchestrates business processes not only across RedPrairie solutions, but across multiple enterprise systems easily and efficiently.”

The E²e business process platform provides a shared platform for collecting, managing, communicating, and acting on information and events that flow from the store shelf through manufacturing. The platform includes:

– A process modeller for building and customising business processes using a graphical user interface.

– A process monitor for dynamically tracking business activities and processes.

– A service repository for easy access to RedPrairie services and registration of other enterprise services.

– A service bus for orchestrating and brokering transactions between systems.

The platform can be used to better orchestrate enterprise-wide processes like product recalls, product returns, new product launches, promotions, and coordinated store deliveries. In the case of product recall management, the E²e business process platform orchestrates a “one-button recall” that communicates to stores, distribution centres, transportation vehicles, manufacturing centres, and customers the necessary actions to be taken during a recall. In fact, the platform integrates to voice and email technologies, allowing personal contact with customers during a recall.

RedPrairie’s E²e business process platform is built on the latest 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2008 technology including SQL Server 2008, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation as core components.

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