New industry-specific websites

REED Business will be launching five new industry-specific websites and e-newsletters in July, aimed at keeping manufacturers and industrial professionals at the cutting edge of news and developments relevant to their sectors.

Updated with news, features and new products daily, the five sites will focus on the fluid handling, motors and drives, robots and automation, hydraulics and pneumatics and test and measurement industries. will ensure a constant flow of information in the pipeline regarding everything from water management to valves and liquid chemical disposal and safety. will drive your productivity upwards with information on the latest trends in the area of power transmission from electric motors to controllers, bearings and energy efficiency. will prevent obsolescence by efficiently delivering all the data and analysis you need on automation and robotics, from automated assembly to cable and wiring management.

Put the pressure on your competition with

If your business involves lifting, pumping, positioning, conveying, or any other applications which involve hydraulic and pneumatic technology, this will be your source for the most pressing information from the industry.

Be informed about your processes and equipment through

The site will probe and scan the latest trends and products which will enable you to read the industry with unprecedented transparency .

These five new sites will be one-stop sources of relevant news, trends, developments and product information for their respective sectors.

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