Hellman facilitates horses on the move to the UK

Working in conjunction with the owners of Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Infratil Airport, the Prestwick division of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics plans to rollout its hassle free service for equestrian importers across Hellmann Worldwide Logistics UK.

Equestrian imports into the UK are high, but with only four Equine Border Inspection Posts (BIPs) equipped to handle the arrival of horses into the country, the market is highly competitive.

Theequine BIP at Prestwick – the only one based in the north of the UK – is seeing a rise in the number of horses being imported, particularly from the US.

According to David Yeamans, branch manager of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Prestwick, many of Hellmann’s customers use Prestwick as an alternative to other equine BIP locations such as Stansted, as it is less congested, both in the air and on the ground.

Over the years, Hellmann has gained a high level of expertise and experience in dealing with equine imports, and now manages approximately 90% of imports that come through the Glasgow Preswick equine BIP.

Hellmann handles all Customs and Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) regulations from the Prestwick office, which reduces additional expenses for importers.

Furthermore, Hellmann has introduced added value services to the product, such as keeping the shipper fully updated on flight times, costs and other important information.

Hellmann can also arrange transportation for the animals from the airport.

Hellmann, along with Infratil Airport, plans to develop an equine BIP facility at Kent International Airport, which is also owned by Infratil.

Hellmann Prestwick would have 100% control of the Kent equine BIP.


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