FirstGroup Chooses Quintiq Resource Optimisation

Quintiq, a leading provider of advanced planning and scheduling solutions, today announced that it has won the contract to provide a comprehensive resource optimisation solution to FirstGroup, the world’s leading transport operator.

Following a successful pilot with First ScotRail, Quintiq’s resource optimisation solutions will be implemented at all four of First’s rail passenger franchises, First ScotRail, First TransPennine Express, First Capital Connect and First Great Western.

The Quintiq solution will allow First to improve efficiency, costs and customer service by highlighting the optimal requirements for train units, drivers and crew.

Quintiq’s knowledge based planning system allows operators a complete understanding of operational needs and constraints.

For example, the system will, at the touch of a button, inform users: which drivers are authorised to operate on particular tracks; driver and crew contract and shift patterns, including driver breaks; and train unit characteristics such as passenger capacity.

“Having such information readily to hand is invaluable,” explains Victor Allis, Chief Executive at Quintiq.

“When making decisions about routes, timetabling, staffing, trains and the cost First’s planners can use the Quintiq system and immediately test the quality of their possible solutions.”

“The system is particularly useful for tactical and long term planning and indeed operational planning when revisions have to be put in place due to engineering works, for example.”

Leo Goodwin, Commercial Director at First TransPennine Express says the company first searched long and hard for a single advanced planning and scheduling solution that best enables each train operating company to become more efficient.

“We were very impressed with Quintiq’s professionalism, delivery and ability to adapt to the specific needs of each of our train operating companies.”

“Quintiq’s solutions will help each company deliver improved reliability and we look forward to a successful partnership.” Victor Allis adds.

“We are delighted that the Quintiq solution was chosen by First as it offers yet another validation that our unique approach is adaptable not just to any industry, but also to multiple needs within an organisation.”

“By combining our expertise in addressing complex planning problems with First’s planning teams’ years of professional experience; we have come up with a world class solution.”

“The competitive pilot deployment proved that Quintiq is uniquely capable of handling the complex business rules of any railway company,” Allis says.

“The Quintiq solution gave First’s planners complete control of the planning process, enabling interactive optimisation that combines advanced software with planners’ own skills to drive the best possible scheduling.”

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