ISS Logistique & Production selects RedPrairie

ISS Logistics & Production, a major French industrial logistics services provider, has chosen the RedPrairie Warehouse Management system to strengthen its offering to customers.

As a result, Warehouse Management was recently implemented at the site of one of ISS’s largest clients.

The implementation is the first Warehouse Management system at a manufacturing site in France, and is also the first involving a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment.

With the successful completion of the project, ISS Logistics & Production is set to continue its collaboration with RedPrairie.

ISS France provides a wide range of service solutions, from single services to fully Integrated Facility Services (IFS). It employs approximately 42,000 people.

In France, ISS Logistics & Production selected Warehouse Management based on RedPrairie’s proven industrial track record.

“Our services are tailored to the precise needs of customers and require short term forecasts as well as analyses based on demands that often change daily,” says François Robin, Technical Director at ISS Logistics & Production.

“That is why we were looking for more than just a logistics solution.”

“In RedPrairie, we found a partner capable of supporting us at a large number of accounts, including in the automotive and aerospace industry.”

ISS Logistics & Production offers Warehouse Management as part of its service package, with implementation carried out by RedPrairie.

The first ISS Logistics & Production customer to use Warehouse Management is one of the largest truck manufacturing facility in Europe.

Its production site covers 10,000 m2 and has an output of more than 200 vehicles a day.

The site assembles trucks sequentially along two production lines, which involves complex inventory management.

ISS Logistics & Production created a sequencing centre to ensure that the right part is fed to the right line at the right time.

Warehouse Management ensures the optimal storage and management of all assembly parts.

“Using Warehouse Management has resulted in considerable benefits for our customer,” says François Robin.

“Both productivity and stock rotation have improved while the increased automation has reduced the number of errors.”

“In addition, the level of stress among our staff has reduced significantly since the system always tells them precisely which parts to pick and where to bring them.”

“The entire system was implemented in five months’ time, which is remarkably short for a project of this scope.”

“We were also extremely satisfied that the implementation was achieved on time and within budget.”

The RedPrairie solution implemented for ISS Logistics & Production is entirely Web-based.

It is hosted in a dedicated data centre that is accessed remotely rather than run on a local server.

Staff using the system at the manufacturing site can simply login over a dataline to use the system.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture is a key benefit for the end customer, since they do not have to invest in their own IT systems.

They simply pay a fixed monthly fee covering the use of the system and the remote server, as well as all support, licences, and system management.

The end customer can thus spread their IT cost over time, without the hassles of having to manage the system.

The project marks the first time that the Warehouse Management system (WMS) has been implemented in a manufacturing facility.

The successful implementation of the system has encouraged our customer to extend its use to other production sites.

“RedPrairie continues to strengthen its position in the manufacturing market,” says Martin Hiscox, President and Managing Director International at RedPrairie.

“Our strong offering builds on many years of experience working with top global manufacturers. We are looking forward to continuing this successful association with ISS in the future.”

ISS Logistics & Production (2400 partners in France – present on more than 120 customer sites) is an industrial operator at the service of the process and the product that offers services in line with the ISS group strategy.

The company offers a wide range of service solutions, from single services to fully Integrated Facility Services (IFS) that combine all of the customer’s service and support functions into one single solution.

In addition, RedPrairie, has also announced that Total Logistic Control (TLC) is implementing RedPrairie Warehouse Management to offer more advanced supply chain capabilities to its customers.

TLC delivers Source-to-Shelf supply chain solutions for some of the industry’s largest retail and CPG companies.

TLC plans to implement the RedPrairie solutions at three sites over the next year.

As supply chain operations become more complex, many companies are turning to third party logistics providers (3PLs) to handle their distribution needs.

RedPrairie recently introduced a new release of its supply chain suite with features that help 3PL’s manage these complexities cost effectively, such as providing user control over inventory transfer of ownership and improved work management capabilities to track work and costs by client.

“We were looking to partner with a technology company that is a leader in our market space that provides a suite of supply chain products built on the latest architecture that allows us to add value to our customers,” says TLC’s Pete Westermann.

“Essentially, we want the benefit of advanced functionality without the hassle of traditional customisation.”

“The RedPrairie solution provides the robust features built on SOA architecture, giving us the ability to deploy the applications ourselves without having to rely on the vendor for a lot of technical expertise.”

“We saw our market changing. Customer requirements were becoming more complex and we needed to align ourselves with the technology to meet that change.”

“The RedPrairie solutions will help us provide more value to our customers, such as continuous improvement in facilities where we operate, and driving out cost of ownership and operation,” Westermann says.

With 20 global service sites and standard service methods that have been validated over the last 30 years, RedPrairie provides unparalleled service and support.

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