Maersk re-crews with Asian seafarers

Maersk Line is continuing its drastic reorganisation, with news that its Danish crew will be laid off, to be replaced with an "international crew".

A company said in a statement that "in order to return to profitability, A.P. Moller – Maersk … need[s] to make some significant changes relating to the shipboard operation and the cost of operating under Danish flag. This will result in lay-offs of about 200 Danish chief stewards and Danish ratings aboard Danish flagged container and tanker vessels. These positions will be replaced with international crew.

"We regret having to dismiss these chief stewards and ratings who have served the company well for many years. The layoffs are a result of the internationalisation of the seafarers which has been going on for some years, and reflect the fact that international crew have proven their capabilities and abilities to offer a qualified alternative to the Danish chief stewards and ratings. Today we have to hire seafarers based on cost competitiveness."

The process will continue into 2009 and affected employees will be redeployed within the group as much as possible. Negotiations with Danish seafarer organisations on conditions are taking place.

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