Peacock Brothers wins highly commended

Peacock Bros. was awarded the Highly Commended Award for Australian Industrial Product of the Year for its innovative Indoor Vehicle and Product Tracking solution.

The solution just recently deployed at EastPack in New Zealand received this accolade due to the unique and innovative nature of the system developed that will keep track of the exact position of an indoor vehicle such as a forklift, pallets and warehouse inventory.

Taking the term “Real-Time Inventory Management” a step further, the developed system includes a live schematic of a warehouse with the movements and positions of indoor vehicles and pallets displayed at all times.

The solution also provides efficiency reports and evaluations on the vehicle operations within the warehouse for workplace improvements and analysis.

Neil Crump, Managing Director of Peacock Bros says the company is very proud of the award as it acknowledges the work and investment that went into developing a world class product offering far more benefits and return on investment than any warehouse management solution currently available.

“Peacock Bros. has combined multiple systems onto a common platform and integrated each technologies benefit into a single solution that has exceeded all expectations,” Crump says.

“This was no easy feat and required a large commitment from us.”

Many major companies within Australia and New Zealand are now looking into this new product for deployment within their own workplaces, eager to take advantage of the unique benefits now available.

For more information or a product demonstration, please contact Peacock Bros. on: 1300 723 282 or email

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