Maximise your ROI

IBS Australia has launched new series of articles on optimal enterprise resource planning (ERP) performance, as a lead up to the Gartner Symposium ITxpo.

IBS Australia is sponsoring the upcoming event, held from 11-14 November 2008 at the Sydney Exhibition & Convention Centre, and will present at one of the solution provider sessions.

Rajiv Parrab, area president for IBS Asia Pacific, said the company wanted to share and enhance its 30 years of experience in developing ERP programs for wholesalers and distributors by participating in the event.

“IBS has helped customers to experience real benefits and value from their ERP system and can offer valuable insights from these case studies,” he said.

The new article series, ‘5 keys for maximising your ROI through optimal ERP performance’, is in line with the theme of the event focusing on building the business case for an ERP replacement strategy, best practices for implementations, maximising business benefits and ROI from an ERP investment, as well as aligning IT with business requirements and strategy.

Peter Clarke, chief technology officer for IBS Asia Pacific, said: “The vertical development strategy IBS has adopted has not only led to specialist industry expertise, but also cross-verticalisation, where the benefits of ERP functionality experienced by one industry in their  business processes has influenced the development of solutions for other industries.”

Mr Clarke will present at the event from 2.14-3.00pm on November 13.

The first article and registration for the entire series is available at

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