CEVA Logistics Integrates Businesses Worldwide

CEVA Logistics, one of the leading supply chain companies in the world, has announced a major restructure.

Effective immediately, four Regional Presidents will be responsible for running the integrated businesses in Contract Logistics (CL) and Freight Management (FM).

CEO John Pattullo says he believes this will bring CEVA’s business even closer to customers and help it meet their growing need for integrated solutions.

CEVA resulted from the merger of the former TNT Logistics with EGL Eagle Global Logistics in August 2007.

The new company originally retained the CL and FM businesses as separate divisions, with the exception of Asia-Pacific which tested a model integrating the two businesses at country level.

Following a very successful nine-month pilot in that region, the company has now decided to adopt the integrated model globally.

“The Asia test has delivered outstanding results,” Pattullo explains.

“The integrated structure allows for one CEVA ‘face’ to the market, helps us stay very much attuned to customer expectations, and enables the provision of integrated solutions.”

“Put simply, we think this new structure will let us do an even better job of supporting our customers.”

CEVA announced the following appointments at the most senior level.

Joe Bento, President, Americas and Global FM network Vittorio Favati, President, Asia-Pacific Bruno Sidler, President, Northern Europe Gianfranco Sgro, President, Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa.

In recognition of its global nature and need for coordinated leadership, Joe Bento retains responsibility for the FM network to ensure cross-regional effectiveness.

Elaborating on the new structure, Pattullo emphasises the critical significance of CEVA’s three global sector teams covering the Automotive, Technology, and Consumer/Retail industries.

“They will shape sector strategy, lead product development, co-ordinate our Century (Top 100) key accounts, and act as trouble-shooters whenever sector-specific issues emerge,” he says.

In addition, Pattullo expresses his conviction that the changes will provide the basis for sustainable growth for the company.

“This new, robust structure should serve us well for some time to come,” he says.

“However, in our pursuit of excellence we will keep looking for ever more effective ways to deliver value to our customers.”

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