Women’s mentoring program rolled out

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) will roll out the Moving Women Forward mentoring program nationally for women in the Transport and Logistics (T&L) industry,

“The ALC is proud to announce our pilot program of twenty women from sixteen diverse T&L companies has been highly successful,” says ALC chairman Ivan Backman.

“As a result this practical program designed to educate, excite and empower, will now be made available to women in T&L throughout Australia.”

“As a traditionally male dominated environment, with an estimated 75% of the T&L workforce being men, combined with growing skills shortages, it is vital we as an industry encourage the attraction and retention of women in key roles.”

ALC Program Director Melinda Buker, who has overseen the women in the 10 week pilot program (largely based in South East Queensland) using the My Mentor — Challenging Women To Step-up, says the women involved have all gained key skills they are implementing in their workplace.

“As a result, they’re better equipped with valuable experience to drive their careers forward in T&L,” Buker says.

“Organisations with women who would like to be part of the national rollout can contact the ALC.”

“All industry organisations are encouraged to get behind this program and to encourage their women to step-up, take the challenge, and drive their careers in T&L forward,” Buker says.

“In addition women without prior qualifications or with qualifications older than seven years will be eligible for government funding and receive a TAFE Certificate 4 on completion of this course.”

Women who have more recent qualifications are also eligible to participate.

The ALC will lighten the load for companies by administering the program on their behalf.

The ALC is proud to have initiated the program, utilising the My Mentor program developed by Emberin, in partnership with Queensland Transport which has been a strong supporter.

“The pilot program involved women from diverse roles in T&L including a network controller for QR, a logistics support officer for BlueScope steel and an environmental planner for the Port of Brisbane among others,” Buker says.

“The ALC looks forward to expanding this exciting program to women throughout Australia’s T&L industry.”

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