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The Australian Defence Force (ADF) wishes to establish a database of companies that have the necessary skills and resources to assist in times of disaster, such as the recent Cyclones in Queensland and the Asian Tsunami.

From the September 2007 Defence-initiated "Reconstruction During Conflict" seminar, an engagement outcome has been promulgated for the establishment of a ‘Whole of Nation Engineering’ disrupted state rapid reaction reconstruction team capability for the ADF and Australian industry, academia and professional bodies.

These programs may necessitate a partial or total reconstruction program indicatively covering infrastructure (sanitation, potable water, power, heating), accommodation (housing, medical, educational, governmental / community facilities) and innovative entrepreneurial programs to overcome the employment issue of indigenous persons and the associated self esteem and attitudinal slippage.

As ADF engineers provide a primary role in emergency reconstruction there are Australian enterprises with remote area / difficult terrain contracting, specialised material expertise and rapid deployment capabilities willing to support national or international reconstruction operations to facilitate an all facets, total reconstruction project capability. The Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN) nationally, with a close working relationship with the Industry Capability Network and all levels of Australian Government is initiating a database of specifically identified Australian enterprise expertise covering capability, product/service supply experience and mobilisation preparedness.   

The proposal

That AIDN members and other enterprises with remote area/difficult terrain (re)construction project experience be invited to:

– Nominate for membership of a Disrupted States Reconstruction Team Support Database;

– participate in a workshop in each State and Territory to identify potential reconstruction requirements and to participate in the formulation a strategic plan for ‘on demand mobilisation’ covering the defence purchasing of strategic plan identified materials, the supply and centralisation of such materials for delivery to the designated reconstruction area of operation (AO) and the mobilisation of designated specialist employees to support the project in-field;

– consider the issues of civilian employees working in designated conflict AO’s and their potential training for working as contractors in a location alongside the ADF under rules of engagement;

– consider supplementary type training (eg – Defence Reserve Support Council Executive Stretch Weekend for enterprise nominated executives with an a degree of physical fitness) so as to understand field and military supply chain methodologies / issues;

– regularly update enterprise capabilities, products or services to ensure database currency.


To provide Defence with –

– An identified industry immediate response support mechanism based upon an agreed Defence and industry involvement plan nominating the intended commitment of each industry member and the offered specialised support capability/ies and indicative associated costs, with annual validation requirements to overlay specific reconstruction demands relevant to potential crisis scenarios.

– A database listing Australian expertise, materials and services prepared to meet a requirement or surge demand reconstruction program for the rehabilitation of a society which may require working in a designated conflict AO.

For further information please contact:

Mike Turner

National President

Australian industry & Defence Network (AIDN)

Office: 03-6382-1844

Mob:    0418-591-479




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