Royal Mail selects Intermec CN3 Mobile Computer

Royal Mail, the leading provider of mail and parcel delivery services in the United Kingdom, has awarded Intermec a contract to provide over 25,000 of its rugged, handheld CN3 mobile computers.

The Intermec CN3 mobile computers have been chosen as part of Royal Mail’s investment in new technology to modernise the business, improve efficiency and customer service while cutting operational costs.

Robin Dargue, Chief Information Officer at Royal Mail Group, says Royal Mail embarked on a series of trials across the UK late last year to test the suitability, compatibility and benefits of a postal digital assistant for both its customers and staff.

“The feedback from both groups was extremely positive especially when it came to ease of use of the CN3,” he says.

“I am confident that our choice of Intermec, with its innovative technology and expert team, will help Royal Mail continue to meet the needs of its customers and improve its competitive edge in a market where competition is increasing.”

Royal Mail delivers 80 million items a day to 28 million addresses across the UK.

The Intermec CN3 mobile computer will enable Royal Mail to improve on its current paper-based system for collecting signatures for the majority of its tracked products, including Special Delivery and Recorded Signed For services.

A signature will be collected on the handheld device which is then sent using GPRS wireless technology to enable sending customers to confirm delivery, and view the signature, within 15 minutes.

The CN3 mobile computers will be rolled out to postmen and women who deliver guaranteed delivery items by van from late summer.

As the leader of the class of small, advanced, rugged mobile computers, the CN3, with up to four integrated radios including GPS, enables more expedient processes for the mobile worker through 1D and 2D bar code scanning.

The CN3 handheld also runs Windows Mobile® which supports direct push wireless email giving the Royal Mail users real-time connectivity with the corporate network.

“As one of the major trend-setters in European and global postal services, Royal Mail is strengthening its leadership position with the selection of the CN3,” adds Pat Byrne, Intermec President and CEO.

“As the global supply chain continues to evolve, in-transit visibility will have a significant impact on improving customer service and revenue generation.”

Intermec will provide further commentary regarding today’s announcement on its upcoming earnings conference call on July 31st.

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