Another Weighbridge milestone for Ultrahawke

One of the nation’s longest-running business success stories, heavy capacity weighing equipment manufactuere Ultahawke recently completed the installation of an 18 metre weighbridge for Melbourne based metal recycler Kilsyth Parts Recovery.

Weighbridges play a critical role in providing efficient supply chain processes.

The weighbridge is being used to track all ingoing and outgoing product movements for increased costing accuracy at the car wrecking yard.

The 18 metre, fully galvanised weighbridge is trade approved and uses 6 quality Flintec stainless steel weighbridge loadcells and a Rinstrum R5000 digital weight indicator.

Ultrahawk’s Weighbridge Manager Software records all transactions over the weighbridge, including all details relating to vehicles, customers, products, date and weights which will be stored for easy recall for reporting and invoicing purposes.

Ultrahawke is Australia’s oldest scale company and recently celebrated 150 years of manufacturing weighbridges and heavy duty weighing equipment.

Ultrahawke has its own dedicated weighbridge manufacturing facility in Melbourne and has sales and service agents throughout all Australian states.

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