JMP wins wine industry supplier of the year

Wine industry supplier and industrial packaging company JMP Holdings received an early present approaching its 10th year in business when it was awarded the prestigious title of WISA Australian Supplier of the Year.

Directors, Jeff Egan and Paul O’Donnell were on hand at the annual Awards Gala Dinner in July to accept the award in recognition for the outstanding range of products and services the company provides to the Australian Wine Industry.

Since beginning trading in 1998 JMP Holdings has strived to be at the forefront of innovation in the cargo care and industrial packaging industry.

At an awards ceremony held on the 31st July at the National Wine Centre, Adelaide, their efforts were recognised through being presented with the Wine Industry Suppliers Association’s (WISA) Supplier of the Year Award.

“We’re about building relationships with all stakeholders from our customers to our local and overseas based suppliers,” says JMP Regional Sales Manager Matthew Moate.

“We must thank all of our supporters who have helped us achieve our goals.”

Sponsored by Provisor, the award aims to recognise excellence within the wine industry supply sector.

In particular the award recognises excellence in quality, service, marketing and innovation in the grape growing and winemaking supplies industry.

“It is a great privilege to have received this award especially when considering that we are not directly involved with the grape growing or wine making business,” Moate says.

“To be recognised is a credit to the importance of our people and products that form an integral part of the wine supply chain.”

JMP cites its Envirotuff Thermal Liner range as key to the company’s major success.

This range was developed with the wine industry in mind and provides a solution to customers wanting to reduce potentially harmful temperature fluctuations through the supply chain.

“At the time of its inception in 2002 there was nothing in the market that even came close to its innovation, performance or competitive pricing structure,” Matthew Moate says.

“We are confident in the statement that we now supply the majority of thermal liners to the export wine industry in Australia.”

Mr Moate is keen to recognise that the success of this product is largely achieved through active market research, live temperature testing and listening to what the market needs rather than simply supplying an ‘off the shelf’ product.

“This is very much our customers’ product,” he says.

“Customer feedback from those using the products from the wineries, packing houses, shipping lines, container parks and the end consignees has allowed us to develop the liner to the point it is at today.”

In 5 years the full container liner version has had no less than 6 major design improvements.

“We thought Version 1 was great but our customers and all involved have helped us to get where we are,” Moate says.

“We must thank them.”

Through the support of some of the major wine specialist freight forwarders JMP now supplies this product across all of the major wine producing and importing continents.

Matthew Moate says the success of this product has been a key contributor to the expansion of the company and brand.

JMP Holdings now offers dedicated offices and agencies across the globe wherever wine is leaving from or going to; and the customers can use Envirotuff.

“Our global reach is a key asset when negotiating with the larger global customers,” Moate maintains.

“They want consistency no matter where the product is coming from.”

JMP has recently further demonstrated their ability to source innovative and ground breaking products with a recent launch of its Enviro Pallets.

These pallets also formed an integral part of their application to WISA.

Made from green waste fibres, these pallets are compressed with significant force at high temperature making them durable, though light weight and ISPM15 compliant.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity,” Moate says.

“The pallets could revolutionise how we look at pallets in the future.”

Mr Moate says several major companies have already considered their domestic standard sized 1165 x 1165mm, 2 way entry rackable pallets as an alternative to traditional hire pallets.

“It’s really quite simple, they are half the weight, roughly half the price of a 12 month traditional hired pallet, they are made from eco friendly materials, they have no nails or screws to damage product or injure staff and have a space ratio 3 — 4 times less than the alternative,” Mr Moate says.

The new Enviro Pallets are now available in several export sizes including 1200 x 1000mm, 1100 x 1100mm 4 way entry along with the 2 way rackable 1165 x 1165mm pallet.

“They are competitive with hire pallets and can just as easily be used for export without the need for fumigation as the manufacturing process ensures that they are ISPM15 compliant,” Moate says.

“This offers great flexibility for both internal closed loop distribution channels and one way export movements.”

So, what does winning this award mean?

“Certainly, a lot of our customers have come to us originally because they had a problem,” Matthew Moate says.

“But we are seeing a growing number of customers seeking solutions before they have a situation.”

“Winning this award will hopefully put our products and solutions in front of a larger audience and increase the importance and awareness of the need for quality cargo care solutions.”

With rising costs, stressed time lines across the board and tighter budgets Mr Moate says that the value added services of JMP to ensure cargo reaches its destination in the state that it was packed is a good piece of mind insurance policy.

“Nobody wants a headache and with so much competition on our export trade across all industries, by ensuring cargo is presented in the best possible condition will often keep our customers at the top of the order book over one of their competitors,” Moate says.

Along with Envirotuff Thermal Liner and Enviro pallets, JMP also offers a complete stable of key cargo care solutions.

“We’ve created a one stop shop approach and if we don’t have what our customers need then we’ll go out there and find the solution,” said Moate explains.

Other key products in the JMP range include plastic pallets, air dunnage bags, moisture control desiccants, slip sheets, stretch film, dry and liquid bulk container packaging and many others.

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