Pronto releases retail upgrade

Australian developer of enterprise software solutions Pronto Software has announced the upcoming release of its industry-leading retail solution, PRONTO-Xi Retail Phase 6.

This is the next major version of Pronto’s award winning ERP solution that is already supporting retail powerhouses such as Harvey Norman OFIS, Babies Galore, Kathmandu and Optus World.

Developed from the ground-up, PRONTO-Xi Retail will help retailers maximise operational efficiencies and withstand margin pressures. It is a fully integrated, flexible and scalable solution ideally suited to growing businesses.

PRONTO-Xi Retail delivers against key retail requirements including margin control, purchasing and inventory management, visibility and supply chain efficiency.

The new Retail suite is particularly franchise-friendly, comprising an in-built Franchise Inventory System which enables franchise businesses to share and maintain inventory data across multiple companies.

It ensures data quality and centralised control, resulting in more accurate sales reporting on one platform.

Pronto Software’s Retail Product Manager Chad Gates believes that in a highly competitive market, retailers are seeking ways to optimise back-end processes and maximise efficiencies without compromising service standards.

“This latest retail application suite gives retailers the tools they need to control spending, maintain margins and therefore retain every dollar earned,” he says.

“It’s a comprehensive yet streamlined system that will help retailers get the right products on the shelves at the right price at the right time.”

“We’re heavily focused on the needs of our customers, hence PRONTO-Xi Retail is designed to maximise efficiency and provide full visibility at purchasing and store levels.”

“Overall it’s a smart system packed with innovation from the foundation level to the user experience and application suite,” Gates says.

The new PRONTO-Xi Retail features a range of retail innovations including:

  • Open to buy: an invaluable forecasting tool providing a measure of available cash to spend on new inventory purchases.
  • Point of sale redundancy: Leveraging the new PRONTO-Xi Message Bus, the enhanced Point of Sale Redundancy system, provides a robust and customer friendly method of trading when the Head Office server is unavailable.

This world-class redundancy system keeps remote stores “in sync” with head office incrementally and continuously throughout the day, eliminating the need for overnight updates.

  • Price protection: allows retailers to better manage margins by negotiating arrangements with suppliers for claiming cost price reduction for existing stock.

Price protection automates and manages the process, providing visibility every step of the way.

Gates says Pronto Software is known for providing easily upgradeable and flexible implementations.

“For example, customers have the option of deploying PRONTO-Xi Retail as a hosted on-demand/SAAS model or maintain a server on-site,” he says.

“Our longevity, credibility, expertise and reputation for delivering low risk implementations on time and on budget means we offer one of the very few truly integrated high performance solutions for retailers.”

PRONTO-Xi Retail Phase 6 will be available in the first quarter of 2009.

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