GRA launches ORion-PI®

GRA is proud to announce the launch of ORion-PI, an internationally recognised best-of-breed supply chain network optimisation tool, into the Australian marketplace.

ORion-PI is a powerful and proven tool that:

  • determines the optimal supply chain network structure and operating policies from a cost, profit and/or service perspective
  • assesses the opportunities, risks, feasibility and implications of different supply chain strategies
  • simulates new supply chain models
  • audits and benchmarks supply chain performance
  • determines the optimal approach for responding to changes such as increased or slowing growth, increasing energy and carbon costs, acquisition of a new business, business disruptions, etc

GRA Partner, Carter McNabb, says the company recognises the gap in the Australian market for supply chain network optimisation tools.

“We went through an extensive global review process with fourteen different vendors over a twelve month period in the search of the tool that would deliver the greatest benefit to our clients,” he says.’

“‘ORion-PI was the stand-out. It was clearly superior to the others because of the quality of solutions and the breadth of the suite.”

“It covers global and local supply chain network optimisation, inventory optimisation, production optimisation, capacity planning and transportation optimisation, and it provides tools for warehouse and distribution centre facility optimisation and design such as dynamic slotting, pick-path optimisation and workforce scheduling.”

“Much of this technology is new to Australia, and it represents an opportunity for Australian companies to raise the performance bar further.”

“GRA is looking forward to helping its clients deliver superior service, cost and asset efficiency results through the application of the ORion-PI toolset,” McNabb adds.

“In the current economic environment, every dollar counts.”

The ORion-PI suite has been extensively researched and developed by Axxom Software AG, a leading global organisation based in Germany with certified SAP interfaces and key partnership with universities around the globe.

Clients include Adidas, BASF, BMW, DuPont, GlaxoSmithKline, Avon and Siemens.

Of particular interest, ORion-PI was recently used to redesign the supply chain of WLS — logistics service provider of McDonald’s Germany and Luxembourg.

The addition of ORion-PI to the GRA toolset gives further analytical capabilities to GRA’s existing areas of expertise and creates new opportunities for our clients.

GRA now offers an end-to-end supply chain service from supply chain network optimisation to operational improvement to facility and infrastructure design.

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