Pocketable, powerful and rugged, a new breed of EDA

As operating costs and customer service continue to drive business strategy, companies are always on the lookout for new ways to provide faster, flexible and more reliable service. The Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) meets that need.

Pocketable, powerful and rugged, the MC55 represents a new breed of EDA. Blending true consumer styling with best-in-class mobile technologies, it’s Motorola’s smallest, lightest, and full-featured business-class mobile device. A cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and mobile computer all in a single device, the MC55 is designed from the ground up to meet all of today’s mobile worker, business application and IT requirements.

Available in multiple WAN/LAN/PAN version configurations, this handheld device is ideal for applications inside and outside the four walls. A complete line of accessories allow you to tailor the MC55 to best meet the needs of task workers and managers, and a broad range of keypad options allow you simplify and streamline certain applications.

With a wide array of data capture options, the MC55 allows you to automate, enrich and error-proof data collection in various areas of your business. For workers who require only bar code scanning, choose a 1D laser scanner version of the MC55. A 2D imager version is also available for users who need to capture 1D and 2D bar codes. For workers who need to capture images and bar codes, choose an optional 2 megapixel autofocus high resolution camera with a 1D laser scanner or 2D imager.

Designed to support voice as well as data, the MC55 offers a superior voice experience. Features include full duplex voice and push-to-talk (PTT) over the WWAN and WLAN – which enables one-to-one calling as well as walkie-talkie style instant communications. In addition, Bluetooth headset, handset and speakerphone mode gives users the flexibility to meet the needs of a job at any particular moment.

Motorola’s industry-leading drop and tumble testing combines with IP54 sealing to ensure reliable operation in the face of drops, bumps and exposure to the elements. Best of all, the MC55 is easy to cost-justify because it replaces as many as five business devices, substantially reducing capital and operational expenses.

  • Sleek yet rugged pocketable lightweight form factor
  • Provides essential real-time voice and data capabilities
  • Works inside and outside the four walls
  • Eliminates the need to carry and manage multiple devices
  • Improves customer satisfaction with instant error free service
  • Reduces user fatigue with lightweight, compact design
  • Minimizes user training with an intuitive reliable platform

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