Direct Couriers – servicing Australia for over 25 years

Direct Couriers has been operating in the domestic courier market in Australia for over 25 years. Early on, we realised the importance of providing clients with timely information and updates on their deliveries as well as quick responses to their queries. To this end, Direct Couriers developed systems and implemented hardware devices that make the information customers need, readily available to our proactive customer service team.

All of the drivers in the Direct Couriers fleet have a hand held data unit. Messages sent from our office to our drivers are received on these units. Drivers then respond using their key pads, similar to a text message, or they can select from preloaded templates.  Because our drivers are never out of contact, enquires can be resolved in the shortest possible time.  

We also utilise a GPS vehicle tracking system, this shows the current locations of our entire fleet to within metres of where they are. This can be viewed on either a grid map or as a satellite image. Our customer service team can then accurately estimate the time to pickup and/or delivery based on the driver’s current location and the work he/she has on board.  

Working in sync – our intranet system, hand held data units and GPS tracking facilities allow us to provide accurate information to clients in the shortest possible time. All communication between our office and our drivers is delivered instantaneously.

Our system also keeps a log of all messages, alerts our customer service team when a response to a query has arrived and can generate a report of all communication regarding any particular delivery or enquiry.

The driver data units also fulfil a number of other functions including receiving job bookings directly from our operating system, transmitting job updates such as loading time, capturing POD details and digital signatures and so forth.  

As we all know, business today moves at a frantic pace and access to timely information is often critical to our success.  With the use of technology, our customer service team provides clients with accurate information in the shortest possible time.  

To learn more about Direct Couriers and how we can assist you to best manage your courier needs contact your local office in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide on 13 16 10 or visit our web site at

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