The Sky’s the Limit With Metalsistem Shelving


Metalsistem’s multi-tiered structures are designed to increase the utilisation of the full warehouse height, as well as minimise the floor space required. The multi-tier structure is a fantastic floor saver that creates a dynamic picking module, which can be incorporated into your day-to-day stock picking.

Metalsistem’s multi-tiered structures are available with walkways, complete with steel flooring, available in a variety of finishes such as perforated floor, ribbed floor, anti slip floor, etc.

The multi-tiered structures can be designed to include guide rails, loading gates and  staircases, all incorporated into the structure and not as a free-standing afterthought. The flexibility and the modularity of the structure also allows for the incorporation of lifts and conveyor systems into the structure with minimal interruption.

There is a vast range of accessories available in the Super 123 and UNIRACK systems that can be incorporated into the multi-tiered structures as well, and can be used for small part storage, stock separation, or simple book stoppers.

The two- or three-tier structures are available in a great variety of configurations, from simple to complex, and have been designed to combine light weight with high strength in the best Metalsistem tradition, with no bolts, nuts or welding required.

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