It’s not just a shelf – it’s Super 123

That's because since Super 123 is actually a shelf and not a rack means its safer, more versatile, much quicker to install and a lot cheaper than what many people are currently using.


Furthermore, being Italian, you can be sure its sleek, modern and stylish- a claim no other shelving company can honestly make.

Being completely boltless and with a modular construction helps cater for any inventory item under the sun, including small parts storage, shoes, car parts, buttons and haberdashery, electrical and hardware items, computer components, pharmaceuticals or bolts and nuts.

The Super 123 shelving range includes modular containers, drawer sets as well as sliding dividers and many other features, with standard components ranging in depth and width to cater for any stock item under the sun.

The load capacities of Super 123 vary from 145 kg per shelf level to 630 kg per shelf level and the frame capacities range from between 1500 kg per frame to 3600 kg per frame.

And being European-designed means that all Super 123 shelving is certified by the most stringent world standards  there is such as TUV, ISO and FEM for design integrity, strength and a wide variety of applications, including food-grade ones.

Super 123 comes in a huge range of shelving surfaces including a steel shelf as well as a plastic food graded shelf and a special clip to cater for a wood surface if needed.

Super 123 can also reach dizzying heights with its ability to be used in the construction of multitier structures for your day-to-day narrow aisle high rise storage- this is an important point as safety in the materials handling industry is paramount and as such, Super 123 will not only look great and be easy to set up, but it's safety is second to none, meaning with Super 123, you really can sleep easy.

Why buy expensive, ungainly and potentially unsafe racking when you can have the modular, stylish and super safe Super 123 shelving technology from Metalsistem?

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