Oricom UHF088, the Worker’s Workmate


Meeting the new 80 channel standard, this 5.0 Watt DIN mounted radio was designed to be quick and simple to use, yet contain a truck-load of functionality.

Front fire speakers and a large easy-to-see backlit display means the UHF088 delivers clarity and control at a glance. Set against these the rotary channel, squelch and volume controls; along with a fast-grasp microphone, provide quick and easy operation.

Behind this compact unit sits the technology to deliver 80 narrowband channels, 38 CTCSS / 104 DCS codes, duplex range extender, dual watch, memory/priority scanning and all the features needed in a reliable 2-way, except the exorbitant price.

“We developed our UHF088 to be the reliable mate for those that make their living on the road or farm”, explains Oricom Managing Director Kevin McDonnell.

“As an Australian owned business we have always prided ourselves on our ability to deliver solid UHF radios of superior quality, priced for everyday use.”

The UHF088 is available nationally through leading auto retailers and retails at around $259.00

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