Futuristic technology meets today’s logistics at Queensland Materials Handling

Safety, training, licensing and integration technology will be among the attractions at Queensland Materials Handling when it runs from 21 to 23 June. Focused on lift, shift and load, the event will be held concurrently with the Queensland Safety Show and the new Queensland Manufacturing Show at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Visitors will learn about the very topical changes to forklift licensing under the new work health and safety laws at special workshops presented by AIMM Industrial Training on the first and final days of Queensland Materials Handling.


Matching the advice is an extensive range of practical products and services from materials and manual handling specialists. Among them is dock automation software from Leda Security that allows logistics centres to book and manage trucks much like airport traffic control.


If the truck and door is fitted with RFID, ‘Dockbrain’ permits truck entry within the specified visiting window and only at the nominated door to alleviate queuing. For enhanced workplace safety, Dockbrain can manage opening and closing of equipment in sequence. Leda Security’s Tom Rozsa says Dockbrain’s launch at Melbourne Materials Handling surprised many visitors.


“The interest from Melbourne Materials Handling visitors in Dockbrain was huge,” he says.


“Many commented that they hadn’t been aware we’ve extended our capabilities in this way, so the show was the right platform for the launch and to get the message across that Leda Security offers dock levellers, high-speed doors, insulated doors and the automation that coordinates all the equipment to make it work.”


An integrated approach to safety will also be promoted by ShockWatch Australia. Its EquipCommand software brings together data from impact, tilt and shock sensors so managers can monitor daily activities and meet long-term objectives for all equipment and operators across multiple facilities. Businesses can use this comprehensive software program to monitor equipment access, utilisation, safety, and maintenance for optimal fleet performance.


Complementing the vehicle safety technology will be a range of suppliers offering drug and alcohol testing services, which Queensland Materials Handling organiser, Marie Kinsella of Australian Exhibitions & Conferences, says is an emerging field.


"It seems employers are becoming more and more aware that training is only part of the answer when it comes to high risk activities like forklift operation," she says.


"Increasingly, they are looking for technology that can help prevent workplace injuries. Drug and alcohol testing, coupled with vehicle monitoring systems are great examples that have recently risen to prominence at the Queensland Safety and Materials Handling Shows."


The Queensland Materials Handling Show and Queensland Safety Show will be co-located with the Queensland Manufacturing Show at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 21 to 23 June. For more information, visit, email or phone Australian Exhibitions & Conferences Pty Ltd on (03) 9654 7773.

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