2012 National Challenge

What is The Fresh Connection Challenge?

The Fresh Connection is an advanced web-based business simulation that challenges participants to work together in teams of 4 to demonstrate and improve their knowledge of the Value Chain.

Commencing on 16th April 2012, your company is challenged to join the second National Challenge of The Fresh Connection where simultaneously participants from around Australia will have the task to work as a team to save the fictional company, The Fresh Connection, from financial ruin. The challenge: to collaborate with fellow team members, craft a strategy, integrate decisions, implement change, make effective strategic and tactical decisions, and to completely transform The Fresh Connection company so as to make it as profitable as possible.

Business Benefits of Participation

  • Increase Cross Functional knowledge and awareness
  • Develop advanced decision making skills
  • Learn how to effectively manage trade-offs
  • Gain knowledge of how to put strategy into action through a robust S&OP process
  • Makes benefits of collaboration measurable
  • Build effective teams
  • Achieve national and international recognition
  • Be rewarded for excellence
  • Become The Fresh Connection Champion Team

Who should participate?

From Directors to Planners, and from Finance to Supply Chain and Sales, The Fresh Connection is an ideal development opportunity for cross-functions teams, S&OP leadership groups, development programs, and all those involved in optimising the value chain and increasing business performance

  • 2012 National Challenge team entry

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