Save on Fees, Manage Your Freight

Freight Management Software is a leader within the logistics software industry with a goal to always provide the highest level of service to our clients.

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FMS have redeveloped our transport management system so our clients can now run all their warehouses from one server location with our Thin Client technology that no longer requires Terminal Services or Citrix, therefore eliminating the need for expensive third party licence fees. This offers our customers huge potential for cost savings. Furthermore the speed of the software is comparable to running on your local machine. This technology is exclusive to FMS in our market.
FMS Dispatcher is the latest offering that has been completely rewritten to enhance daily dispatch activities and provides our clients with more control of their freight costs with extensive new features including

  • Account Reconciliation, where you can run reports on you carrier invoices to thoroughly check for errors that can be easily missed when manually looked over.
  • Proposed Carrier Rate Analysis where you can create a report that compares a potential new carrier against your existing carrier

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