MaxiTRANS partners with Freighter to create drive-through semi-trailers

MaxiTRANS recently partnered with Freighter’s engineers to supply Tri-State Transport with an easy-to-use, time saving drive-through semi-trailer combination.

Andrew Scott, Tri-State owner, worked with Mike Dawson,MaxiTRANS WA northern region sales manager, to deliver what Dawson and his team decided was required in their new trailer set – the rig would be carting a number of different vehicles for the mining sector, so the company needed a B-double set with a drive-through capability.

These new Freighters join a large fleet of equipment that has been bought with performance considerations well ahead of price.

“We make sure that we order the most reliable equipment for each job,” said Troy Day from Tri-State.

“We negotiate for our new equipment of course, but price comes after quality and service back-up on the scale of priorities. The last thing we want is for our drivers to be broken-down in the middle of the Western Australian desert due to a piece of faulty equipment. Freighter’s excellent service record was one of the major reasons why we went with them for these trailers.”

The final design had bi-fold hydraulic ramps on the back, retractable ramps between the drop-deck sections on the tag trailer and Freighter’s purpose-designed half-moon bridging decks between the tag and the lead trailer.

“This rig wasn’t bought as a lead and B-trailer – it will always operate as a single unit,” said Dawson.

“The ability to drive a vehicle up the ramps, onto the tag, and then all the way to the lead trailer makes these trailers a ‘built-for-life’ pairing and will save Tri-State a great deal of time when they are loading vehicles onto them.”

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