Union concerned over safety of BMA cars

The CFMEU has expressed concern about the safety of cars used on BMA mine sites in Queensland.

ABC News reports Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union health and safety representative Greg Dalliston said he was concerned that new standards reduced rollover protection.


All I've asked is that they show the standard that was on the vehicles before and the standard they've got now, the new standard, is equal to or better than what they had before and so far they can't show me that.”


Dalliston said while they accounted for only a small number of total accidents, one-in-five fatalities were from rollovers.


We've had 29 rollovers since January last year in mines in Queensland — 17 on coal mines and with the protective structures we've had in place, we've only had one person with some slight injuries,” he said.


Vehicle safety is an ongoing issue in the mining industry, and last year BMA said it was looking at introducing a five-star-only policy for vehicles on site.


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