Voice Picking solutions from Heavey RF

VocalPoint – Award Winning Voice Logistics Software from Heavey RF
Heavey RF are pleased to announce the Australian availability of VocalPoint, our award winning voice-directed logistics solution.
With VocalPoint, Heavey RF can assist wholesale distributors large and small to solve key warehouse challenges:

  • Improve picking accuracy without needing to carry a hand-held scanner. Achieve accuracy rates of 99.95% without double and triple checks.
  • Speed up picking by removing inefficient processes.
  • Implement smarter picking strategies, including batch picking which allows you to pick up to 26 small orders in a single walk through the warehouse.
  • Provide to-the-second reports on staff performance.

VocalPoint takes the complexity out of the voice integration process with simple interfaces available to all common ERP and accounting systems.
Contact Heavey RF today to arrange an on-site demonstration in your warehouse with your pickers and your product
Phone: 1300 136 419
Mobile: 0405 627 197
What is Voice?
Voice technology reads easy-to-follow instructions to pickers over a headset as they pick items. Instead of stopping to read bin locations and products from a paper pickslip, the system speaks the next bin location to the picker. Voice challenges your pickers to prove they are picking the correct product by reading the last three numbers from the barcode on the item. It is only when the correct item is found that the system tells the picker how many are required.
Voice allows your pickers to have both hands free because there is no clipboard or scanner to carry. Pickers are able to carry cartons with two hands and can record pick quantities by speaking the number of cartons picked as they carry the items to the pallet.

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