RPM’s latest release of HAULNET makes it easier for miners to significantly reduce haulage costs

Runge Pincock Minarco (RPM) announces the latest release of HAULNET with additional functionalities to simplify the tool’s use for engineers.

RPM’s HAULNET delivers engineers an intelligent tool that can help to dramatically reduce one of the largest costs facing mining operations today – haulage.
Previously, one of the biggest hurdles for engineers to deliver real cost savings has been the effort required to create accurate and usable haulage models. The lack of a dedicated software application for haulage has necessitated a high level of manual intervention to create fully connected networks. This, in turn meant that real in-depth analysis of haulage cost could never be completed. 

HAULNET was developed not only to create this connected network but also to perform the underlying analysis. The latest release has made the haulage network creation process even easier. 
Where previously, users would input their haulage network created in an array of applications into HAULNET for analysis, the new version comes with added functionality to enable users to create their haulage network on the fly. 
The new user interface enables users to quickly and easily build haul networks from scratch. The intuitive application snaps the route to the underlying surface and extends it to join existing roadways, nodes and points of interest; interprets and rationalises the haulage network; autocorrects creation mistakes and smoothens out routes; and removes unnecessary detail that isn’t required to perform an accurate analysis. 
This latest release now sees HAULNET take advantage of 64-bit operating systems allowing for even faster analysis of complex haulage networks. 
HAULNET 2.1 has also added support for the Russian language to meet the needs of their customer base in the Russian and CIS markets. The availability of HAULNET in the local language enables local engineers to use the tool to help reduce one of the largest costs on their mine sites. HAULNET allows them to perform more detailed haulage analysis and in a far shorter timeframe.
HAULNET 2.1 is available as an upgrade for all existing users with valid maintenance contracts.

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