First new articulated dump trucks hit Australia

As the cost of fuel rises, and the rebate tax scheme fails to support the growing demand of many operations, operators are look to more fuel efficiency from their vehicles, without sacrificing payload.

One Australian quarry, EB Mawson & Sons’ Lake Boga Quarry, has looked to Hitachi’s new Bell B30E articulated dump trucks to address these concerns.

The operation is the first in Australia to receive the trucks, according to Hitachi.

Jim Gardner, Hitachi Construction Machinery national product manager – articulated dump trucks said the “new B30E is a showcase of Bell’s approach to design, [as] demand for trucks that are more fuel efficient, yet haul higher payloads, continues to drive product advancement in the ADT markets”.

The trucks were initially launched in to Australia late last year, with a new design and features dvanced emissions technology for rapid engine response and better cold-start performance, faster haul cycles, and most importantly better fuel efficiency.

Purpose built for harsh conditions found on mine sites, the E-Series incorporates central oscillation, high suspension travel on all axles, and a balanced weight distribution which provides greater agility across uneven mine surfaces.

Gardner added that “safety is always a priority for quarry operators and the new B30E is no exception”.

“Incorporating hill start assist and vertical tip angle safety monitoring, the new trucks are also equipped with onboard load weighing and keyless start as standard.”

EB Mawsons & Sons’ Lake Boga Quarry manager Darren Colville added that “safety is our number one priority, and the Bell truck delivers when it comes to safety features, with everything from reverse cameras and mirror packages to onboard inclinometer and weighing systems”.

It has dual engine braking coupled with automated transmission retardation which contributes to greater retarding power an in turn reduced brake wear. The retarder power can be adjusted to ensure a controlled descent in most conditions.

The articulation joints are reinforced while the chassis is built from high-strength welded alloy steel, which provides greater overall durability while lowering machine mass and reducing powertrain and structural stress.

Colville explained that its articulation was a major factor as “at Lake Boga we prefer to operate articulated trucks due to bench width requirements”.

“These trucks allow us to extract more from the quarry; Bell’s new design makes it easy for our operators when manoeuvering in and out of the pit.

“They also enjoy the cabin and the smoother ride.”

The cabin comes with sound suppression, ergonomic controls, and a greater operator visibility.

The B30E is driven by a Mercedes Benz OM 926LA engine which gives 240kW of gross power and has a bin volume of 17.5 cubic metres with a rated payload of 28 000 kilograms.

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