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Advantech, an international leader in IPC and eAutomation, is happy to announce the TREK-550 mobile data terminal. The Trek-550 has been a great success for Advantech winning a number awards over many years. In 2011, the TREK-550 received the Taiwan Excellence Award, a program setup in 1992 to encourage innovalue, a term which equates to high quality and high value-added features in innovative, leading-edge products. Prior to this, TREK-550 was a recipient of the Computex Taipei Best Choice Award which exemplifies Advantech’s leadership in manufacturing, innovation and excellence.


TREK-550 Connects Vehicle Applications and has a Rugged, Industrial Design

The TREK-550 Mobile Data Terminal is designed for in-Vehicle applications in bus, taxi, and trucking fleets. It is Intel® Atom™ processor-based, with an industrial-grade chassis which is built to survive harsh environments. It operates without hesitation in a wide range of temperatures (-30° C to 70° C) commonly found inside vehicle cabs subjected to varying weather elements. It has a full complement of I/O connectors allowing it to be interfaced to specialized vehicle systems.

Innovation Puts TREK-550 Ahead of the Competition

TREK-550 connects to J1939 standard interfaces providing instant diagnostic capability to all on-board vehicle devices. Geo-location applications, route planning and travel assistance are expertly managed with TREK-550’s assisted GPS (AGPS) and dead-reckoning systems. These features help vehicles stay the course in areas where line-of-sight satellite reception is blocked or impaired due to tunnels, terrain or signal bouncing, which saves drivers and fleet managers both time and money.

TREK-550: the Cornerstone for Intelligent Bus Standards

Recently, the first ever intelligent bus industry standard was published for manufacturers, and TREK-550’s advanced functionality served as the model. The standard was penned by members of the Taiwan Telematics Industry Alliance (TTIA), and sanctioned by the Taiwanese government in an attempt to form a standard for intelligent bus transportation systems in the Greater China market. The standard improves safety, adds scheduling and fare efficiencies for bus passengers, and provides onboard infotainment and information services. The Taiwan government Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has formulated its vision for the future of intelligent bus transport, and Advantech in collaboration with other industry players has reached a consensus, in part by studying the capabilities of TREK-550’s advanced in-vehicle operations.

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