Roy Hill to implement Wenco fleet management system

Wenco International Mining Systems has won the contract to supply Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill iron ore mine’s fleet management system.

Commenting on the implementation, Wenco regional director Jayson Bebek said “the Roy Hill project is not only a rich iron ore deposit, but will also be a great example of integration of new technologies in surface mining”.

“We are very excited that Roy Hill chose the Wenco Fleet Management System as the solution to meet their needs for remote dispatching and comprehensive fleet management.”

It will install 34 Wenco units across Roy Hill’s shovel, truck, and dozer fleet, with additional units likely to be installed as the mine’s production increases.

It comes as Wenco partners with Hitachi to develop a joint proof of concept project to test the efficiency of mining fleet management systems on the cloud.

“Wenco is very excited about the associated benefits our industry partners can leverage with the combination of fleet management and cloud computing. Minimizing learning curves on hardware and software, expanding accessibility, and reducing capital costs will increase system longevity and effectiveness for our clients,” Phil Walshe, President and CEO of Wenco ,said.

The cloud based service will differ from existing systems, which are maintained and operated on individual mines, and move to a cloud, making it easier for remote operations and management. 

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