Mitsubishi GRENDiA – The Green Diamond Forklift

The name GRENDiA name means ‘Green Diamond’. Green symbolises our commitment to protecting the environment, while diamond signifies the high quality, reliability and sound investment that this family of trucks has to offer.


Billed as a truck you can trust absolutely, GRENDiA offers forklift users a choice of rigorously tested Diesel / Dual Fuel engines that promise non-stop productivity. Additionally, GRENDiA offer an optional electronically controlled gasoline engine, which has achieved remarkable environmental controls and complies with all 2007 Emission standards while still maintaining high performance and reliability levels.
As well as its environmental efficiency, the Mitsubishi GRENDiA also takes Workplace Safety seriously; therefore GRENDiA is designed and equipped with features like Integrated Presence System (IPS), Neutral Safety, High-Mounted Rear Combi Lamp, and Clear all-round visibility. All of which are within the basic price of the truck.


In terms of driver comfort, operators will particularly enjoy the fully floating powertrain with Mitsubishi Powershift transmission, which delivers impressive power and gradeability with minimum noise and vibration.
GRENDIA is an economical forklift and offers low overall running cost. For a start, these trucks are built to last. Everything from the frame, body and mast to the smallest bearing is designed to resist damage. Throughout the truck, Mitsubishi designers have looked for ways to avoid wear and lower the cost of maintaining systems. Using maintenance-free gears instead of belts in the powertrain is just one of many successful developments in that search.”

The Mitsubishi GRENDiA comes in a range of 1.0- 3.5 ton machines. Its new features in safety and its environmental benefits, makes it the forklift of tomorrow that’s available today. For more information on this product please contact MLA Holdings. 131 652

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