Flagship Lift Truck Reaches New Heights for Operators

Yale’s new MR reach truck pushes levels of productivity and dependability to new heights for warehouse operators while squeezing cost of ownership to an absolute minimum.

Redesigned from the ground up by one of the industry’s most respected materials handling equipment manufacturers, Yale’s new MR redefines the standards warehouse managers and forklift operatives can expect of a modern reach truck in a range that is both highly productive and pleasing to the eye.

After over 55,000 hours of product development – including operation in the warehouses of some of the world’s most demanding end users and a rigorous test cycle of over one million operations – the new MR reach truck is unlike anything else on the market. Featuring a new chassis, new mast design, new operator compartment and new control systems, the MR series sets a new standard.

The truck’s maximum travel speed of 14km/h and lift speed of 0.8m/sec, coupled with its manoeuvrability and ease of use will help users achieve the very greatest productivity: test cycles have demonstrated that the new MR can deposit and retrieve more loads per hour than all major rivals.

A unique new design of mast channel on which a patent is pending offers improved deration performance as loads are raised while reducing mast deflection to a minimum. This allows smaller capacity trucks to be used for lift heights that would previously have required substantially larger and more expensive models.

A wide access step and dedicated grab handles help operators enter and exit the truck smoothly while the operator’s compartment features generous leg room, new high-quality fully adjustable full suspension seat (which reduces transmission of vibration from uneven floor conditions), adjustable armrest with integral mini-lever module and an adjustable steering column.

When it comes to keeping drivers aware of critical truck information, the new MR is again ahead of the competition with its industry first optional touch screen display, providing operator with information on the truck’s status from battery charge and direction of truck movement to mast position and load weight, and allows easy tailoring of the truck’s operational performance characteristics. The standard display module with LCD screen, carried over from Yale’s successful electric counterbalanced truck range, also provides truck status information and performance mode selection.

Visibility from the operator’s seat has also been enhanced, with the MR’s new mast channels not only helping to increase residual capacities but providing better line of sight than ever before, both forwards and when looking up through the overhead guard. Operators will also appreciate the smooth, quiet transition of the mast sections.

Easy preventative maintenance has also been designed into the new MR, with long service intervals, component commonality across the Yale range and straightforward access to the major components all helping to maintain maximum uptime and keep the costs involved in servicing to a minimum.

Commenting on the launch of the new model, Warehouse Product Strategy Leader Robert O’Donoghue said its innovative design, outstanding productivity, leading use of technology and tailored ergonomics would make it “the reach truck of choice for every fleet manager” in the future.

“This truck’s high levels of performance, sector-leading ergonomics and low lifetime costs will help Yale customers achieve increased productivity while reducing their fleet size, lowering their energy consumption, achieving a faster return on investment and boosting their profitability,” he added.

 “This really is a reach truck that sets new standards in the market.”

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