Mitsubishi Electric Forklifts:- Delivering what you need.

The Mitsubishi FB-CA series comes with a range of advanced features such as all AC motors providing seamless interaction between the operator and forklift. More powerful functional capabilities are achieved in truck travelling, hydraulic operations and steering.

FBCA1 (2)

All Mitsubishi Electric forklifts are now equipped with energy saving regenerative systems designed to conserve battery power and contribute to higher productivity

Some other Mitsubishi features include:

  • Multiple driving modes: AC power enables the power setting to be selected between eight driving modes, from energy saving “economy” mode to “power” mode, according to the requirements of the application.
  • Automatic power off: Power is automatically cut when the forklift truck is left idle for more than 15 minutes to conserve energy.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership: AC Power allows the elimination of motor brushes and contractors, thereby, reducing the maintenance cost.
  • Strong Gradeability: Power delivery to the drive wheels is enhanced enabling the truck to climb slopes easier than conventional models.

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Safety and comfort for the operator is maximised with features such as mast and travel interlock, comfortable operator’s compartment and an ergonomically designed operator’s seat. Four Wheel Electric Mitsubishi forklift trucks are also comparable to engine powered forklift trucks in performance.

These highly adaptable and efficient electric forklift trucks are the result of our company wide commitment to build forklifts that deliver performance with safety and Comfort. Indeed, delivering what you need is our obsession.

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