New Mitsubishi Sit Down Reach Truck Range

MLA Holdings are pleased to announce a new Mitsubishi sit down reach truck range, setting new standards in performing to your warehouse needs.

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The RBF14-16-20CA series adds to an already extensive range of warehouse products from Mitsubishi. It comes in three models, each powered by a 48V traction battery. The 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 ton models all use AC motor technology for greater power efficiency and lift heights of up to 10 metres.

Three important features that guarantee Mitsubishi’s promise of quality and reliability are those of an exceptional control system, smooth operation and of course, safety.

Control System
A more optimized operator experience is ensured by the SICOS-AC control system that integrates the hydraulics, travelling, and steering functions. Also integrated is a self-diagnostic function that constantly monitors for malfunctions. Any faults discovered are communicated via diagnostic codes making it easy to identify the problem and rectify.

AC motor technology delivers a smooth, powerful drive and low maintenance costs. A regeneration function charges power back to the battery through plugging, coasting and braking to ensure longer operating hours from one charge.

Integral side shift is a standard feature, while steer by wire 360 degrees steering means there is no need for switch back, ensuring effortless steering every time.

Not only is this new series very reliable, Mitsubishi has gone above and beyond to ensure absolute safety.

The Operation Interlock System deactivates travelling when the operator is not seated. Furthermore a Neutral Safety Feature prevents sudden movement should the accelerator or hydraulics be accidently activated, while a sensitive lift speed control automatically slows lifting and steering when truck is above a certain speed. Direction control, horn, and emergency stop button are located ergonomically on the arm rest console.

MLA can help your company gain a competitive advantage. The RBF14-16-20CA models are a brand new series of Mitsubishi reach trucks that are designed to cater for all your warehouse needs.

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