Loctite launches new pipe repair kits

Henkel has developed a new emergency pipe repair solution, and other emergency asset maintenance.

The company has released the new Loctite pipe repair kit, which is an easy to apply fibre glass tape designed for the temporary repair of metal, plastic, and composite pipes.

The tape can be applied to odd shape and sized pipes, and can be used in a range of different operating temperatures, from minus 29 degrees through to 121 degrees Celsius.

It cures in 30 minutes, and is made from hi-viz material aid identification.

The tape comes in 50 and 100 millimetre widths.

In addition to this the company has also released Nordbak fast set steel putty and Fixmaster magna-crete.

The fast set steel putty is a steel filled system that bonds to steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and other substrates and cures in 10 minutes – allowing for ultra-fast emergency repairs to reduce downtimes.

It is typically used to repair fuel and gas tanks, leaks on pipes and welded joints, and repairing cracked battery cases.

Fixmaster magna-crete is a unique two-component, rapid setting concrete repair and grouting system that out performs conventional concrete repairs under typical service temperatures ranging from -26 degrees to 1090 degrees Celsius.

It is able to be used for light service in as little as 60 minutes and, unlike concrete, bonds to new and old concrete as well as most construction materials including wood, glass, and steel.

With high impact resistance and high compression strength, it can be applied over existing structural reinforcements, and is typically used in repairing floors, loading docks, ramps, concrete pillars, and for areas affected by spalling corrosion

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