Wrap Pallets Without Leaving Your Forklift

Wrap a pallet without leaving your forklift with the Wulftec SMLPA 200-S from AWS. This automatic stretch wrapper eliminates the manual process needed to attach and cut film.

Your forklift operator simply drops the pallet in position and then activates the machine without leaving the forklift. The SMLPA 200-S wraps the pallet unassisted, leaving the forklift operator free for other duties – saving time and money!

The machine also features a remarkable 250% pre-stretch film delivery system. When used in conjunction with AWS “Rhino Tough” film, the 250% pre-stretch delivers a low cost per pallet.

A full range of Wulftec pallet wrapping machines are in stock at AWS and can be rented or purchased. As the Wulftec SMLPA 200-S machine has an unprecedented 5 year unlimited cycle warranty, most customers opt for the AWS 48 month rental plan, combined with the Wulftec 48 month “unlimited cycle” guarantees, repair costs are eliminated!

Wulftec is a world leader in custom-built pallet wrapping systems and machines and “they fear no packaging challenge!”

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