Seven Tonnes of Pure Muscle

Mitsubishi FD70NMMitsubishi has launched a market leading new Grendia MX range of 6.0 and 7.0 tonne diesel counter balance forklifts.
The FD60-70NM series of diesel counterbalance forklift trucks have been developed for performance and productivity. They are powered by the Mitsubishi S6S diesel engine and are available in Australia exclusively from MLA Holdings.

Grendia MX series forklifts provide high levels of operator comfort, smooth lifting and excellent visibility. It is a dynamic forklift that combines revolutionary technology with excellent engineering to optimize productivity and performance. For tough applications from timber to metals, construction materials to dockyards, empty container handling to airfreight, the Mitsubishi FD60-70NM can deliver the muscle to handle the job.

Along with a proven and reliable engine, the trucks also incorporate a smooth hydraulic steering system. In addition, a suspension seat and full-floating power train provide comfort for the operator. This new range demonstrates Mitsubishi’s drive to stay ahead of competitors and provide solutions to meet the constant changes in technology and work environments.
The Grendia MX series is an upgrade to the very successful Mitsubishi 6t-7t range with improvements in capacity and turning radius, introducing more features that are particularly focused on operator safety.

The IPS safety system senses the operator’s presence and locks the travel and hydraulics when the operator is not seated, lift lock feature assures forks remain in place even if hydraulics are moved or bumped, and neutral safety prevents the truck from starting unless the direction lever is in the neutral position. While always delivering reliable and powerful trucks, Mitsubishi’s main priority is operator safety.

The new Grendia MX range of 6 and 7 tonne forklifts is built to handle even the most demanding applications. A flip-up engine cover and removable side covers, meter panel, and single action park brake lever make for easy maintenance and operator friendliness.

Mitsubishi offers a large range of options with these forklifts. Operator cabin, high dust protection, various mast types, factory fitted hydraulic attachments, and assorted fork types are all available.

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