​New coal train record set

Aurizon has set a new record for the longest every coal
train sent through Queensland.

The company has sent a 2.3 kilometre, 136 wagon train
through the Central Queensland Coal Network, which carried 11,000 tonnes of
coal to the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET).

The average Aurizon train consists of around 100 wagons and
a payload of about 8500 tonnes of coal.

“The successful maiden run of this record-breaking coal
train is a positive sign of things to come when we commence railings to WICET
in earnest next month,” executive VP of Aurizon operations Mike Franczak said.

“We’re moving more
tonnes, on larger trains, from mine to port as we drive improved efficiency
across the coal supply chain,” he said.

“This is an
excellent outcome for customers, our supply chain partners and the Queensland
coal industry generally.

“We have achieved
this through innovative operational improvements in Queensland over recent
years, including lifting payloads, improving locomotive reliability and better
on-time performance.

“The drive to
improve train payloads at Aurizon draws on the very best available technology
and innovation in the areas of train marshalling, train handling and
track/train dynamics. This ensures that as we improve capacity and
productivity, we are also reducing in-train forces, making for a safer, more
energy-efficient mode of transportation.

The coal will be used as bedding to establish the stockpiles
at the terminal as it prepares for its first shipments of coal.

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