New Toll investment in servicing ESS

Freight transporter Toll has launched a new refrigerated fleet which has been co-branded with support services company ESS.

The investment of $11 million in prime movers, refrigerated trailers and pantechnicon by Toll means that the company will have greater flexibility for providing cold transport to the biggest mining camp services provider in Australia.

The new fleet will be used to make 70,000 deliveries of fresh food, laundry and heavy equipment each year to more than 125 remote ESS sites around Australia.

ESS is a subsidiary of Compass Group, which selected Toll as their primary logistics provider in WA in 2002, which in turn has expanded Toll’s remote haulage operations through Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia.

Compass Group executive director (supply chain) Chai Alexiou said it was fantastic to see ESS and Toll co-branded trailers delivering goods exclusively to ESS sites. 

“This will extend our ability to provide the freshest food possible to our clients, their employees and customers while maintaining the highest safety standards and maximising the economies of scale made possible by a fully integrated logistics model,” he said.

ESS locations include remote mine camps, corporate headquarters, universities, cultural venues and hospitals.

Toll Express General Manager Larry O’Regan said the investment made in servicing ESS sites was part of a long term commitment to improve business efficiency.

“Toll works with more than 190 different suppliers daily on a JIT (just in time) basis to ensure food and equipment are delivered to ESS sites in a timely manner,” he said.

“By working directly with ESS at our upgraded depots, we have been able to average a 99 per cent DIFOT for our deliveries.”

Toll and ESS have also implemented a recycling product program which results in more than 138 pallets per month of cardboard, plastics, oil and glass being returned and properly recycled from West Australian sites, with a similar program also being rolled out in Queensland.

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