Dual crane lift goes horribly wrong

A dual crane lift in Netherlands has gone tragically wrong, resulting in the injury of approximately 20 people in shops that were crushed in the accident.

The lift was conducted from a canal barge in the western Dutch town of Alphen aan den Rijn.

Video footage of the accident shows one crane overbalancing as the barge leans over in the water, causing the load to fall and dragging the other crane with it.

The cranes were lifting a section of roadway intended for renovation work to the Queen Juliana Bridge, which dates from the 1950s.

First responders to the site were aided by air-ambulance helicopters.

The cranes and load toppled onto a second-hand clothing store and an art supplies shop, injuring the shoppers inside.

So far there is little information about those injuries, or the condition of the crane operators following the spectacular accident.


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